WhiteApeKing Service for Osrs (Leveling , Questing , Gold , Accounts)

Discord server for prices: https://discord.gg/YYGWQVjd64
My Vouches https://www.sythe.org/threads/whiteapeking-vouches/
My discord:
Discord Unique ID:
Discord Username:

Terms of Service:

  1. Payment to be made before the service begins.
  2. We do not use, nor condone the use of bots when undertaking services. All orders will be done manually.
  3. We will provide updates regularly for the progress of the service, and these can also be provided at your request.
  4. We are not responsible for any action JaGex may take against your account for the service, such as a ban or mute during or after the service.
  5. You MUST change your password BEFORE AND AFTER the service is completed.
  6. Everything required for the service must be provided by the requester of the service, unless otherwise specified.
  7. If the account has a high bank value, we would only require the necessary items to complete the service, any items not requires should be transferred to an alternate account to avoid any issues occurring.
  8. We are not responsible for any death during the service of a Hardcore Ironman (HCIM).
  9. Do not log into your account until the service has ended, because by changing your IP your account could end up blocked or banned, without exception!
  10. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in termination of service without refund.
  11. By purchasing my services you automatically agree to the following