Selling Runescape Account Creator


  • Current Features:

    • Tested and working on the following operating systems:

      • Windows 10 (ver2004)
      • Windows Server 2019
      • Linux: In testing
    • OSRS Account settings

      • Custom username prefix
      • Custom password
    • Creator Settings

      • Number of accounts to create
      • Custom sleep timer between account creations (for IP cooldown, etc)
      • Proxy support (username/password or IP Authentication supported)
    • Bot Client Settings (Tribot/OSBot - optional)

      • Use any script in your account's repo (script arguments supported)
      • OSBot:
        • Can use a local script via script name or an SDN script via script ID(
        • For OSBot, make sure the "script args" field is set to "none" if you dont want to provide arguments.
    • Creator GUI features

      • Multithreaded so no freezes or glitches while creating accounts
      • Save full console output to log file
      • Clear contents of console
      • Create accounts (Will run based on how many accounts to create setting)
      • Created accounts will save to created_accs.txt file in program's folder in username:password format
    • Proxy Manager

      • Add proxy (fill out IP:Port or IP:Port:User:password depending on authentication type)
      • Remove proxy from list
      • NOTE: If the proxy doesn't use a username and password, leave the fields blank.


  • $20 USD bitcoin or 60m OSRS GP(subject to change based on gold prices) one time payment
  • Again, this payment gets you a working account creator at time of sale and nothing more is promised.
  • This payment DOES guarantee you all updates in the future

DM me on discord - GaviNNN#11434