Selling OSRS Private Scripts [FRIENDLY] [FAST] [GREAT COMMUNICATION] [RSPeer] [Dreambot]

Selling OSRS Private Scripts for Dreambot and RSPeer

Please use the following template when requesting a script from me…

Script Purpose -
Script Description -
Additional Features/Conditions -
Do you have an account I can use for testing?

By purchasing a script from me you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. You are not allowed to resell/share any scripts purchased unless we explicitly agree on reselling/sharing terms.
2. Free bug fixes last up to 1 month after purchase. (After it will cost a small fee)
3. After the script has been delivered, “add-ons” or any additional features not included in the original script we agreed to complete will cost extra.
4. You are not allowed to de-compile the .jar file we send you.
5. We reserve the right to refuse to write a script for anyone.
6. An account must be provided with the required stats for us to test the script unless we have explicitly agreed to not receive an account for testing.

Add me on Discord -> noCap#3530
Unique ID -> 254100589162659840