Screen Click AI - Osrs Bot writted on Python (Open Source)

How to install Python for SCA?


What is SCA?

The Screen Click AI project, abbreviated as SCA, was launched on December 1, 2018.

SCA - This is an Old School Runescape Client written in the Python programming language and using advanced computer technology, like OpenCV (Computer Vision).

The client simulates mouse movements, camera movements, button presses and interacts independently with in-game chats.

  • SCA Client is designed to work only with officially recognized Jagex clients such as Old School Runescape Official, OSBuddy and Runelite.

The client task is facilitate the game process and complete quests of varying difficulty such as upgrading Combat levels, moving character from point A to point B and earning game currency.

  • SCA Client currently performs tasks such as:
    • Combat Training
      • Attack
      • Defense
      • Strength
      • Magic
      • Range
    • Cooking Training
    • Crafting Training
    • Fishing Training
    • Fletching Training
    • Herblore TrainingAnd also:
    • (F2P) Sapphire Ring Money making Method
    • (P2P) Death Rune Money making Method

Additionally, the player can create personal scripts using methods and templates available in the SCA bot library.

  • SCA Client has a specially programmed Anti-Anti-Cheat system that fights against the Jagex Ames Anti-Cheat system, which helps prevent user account blocking.

More information about the Ames Anti-Cheat system can be found here:

  • SCA Client, December 16, 2018 was first enabled in Expert mode and helped the player character reach 120 Combat level.

During the experiment, the SCA Client was active 24 hours a day, seven days a week and demonstrated its potential against the Ames Anti-Cheat system without receiving a user account lockout and completing a player-defined task.

  • SCA Client will evolve over time and its task functionality will only increase. In the future, it is planned to provide the player with a special feature set that will allow the development of private solutions of various complexity tasks and their proper use.

Script examples


  • autotyper

  • combat_fighter

  • iron_ore_mining

  • sapphire_ring_crafting


  • bow_fletching

  • fish_cooking

  • herb_cleaning

  • marrentill_tar

  • mythical_cape (Crafting)

  • nz_training (Nightmare Zone script)


  • death_rune_buy


  • developer_tools (Check coordination)

  • template (Clean script template)


  • camera_view (Bot moves Camera using WASD)

  • gps (Coordination grid) - Unstable

  • init

  • logout (Auto logout module)

  • object_detection (NPC detection / AMES detection)

  • send_mail (Bot send email to user)

  • server_choose () - Unstable