P2Pah WoTLK: It's likely to be a requirement for speed running

The thing is that with the stables, it’s presuming that epic gems are out WoTLK Gold. This means that they won’t be available until the third phase. Also, this is listening to and 48 spellpower for Jewelcrafting. In reality, even before epic gems become available it’s actually significantly higher. This is why I’ll be going into more details later But before that, so that’s also presuming here that the epic gems have been released. If the gems that f aren’t available, the blacksmithing process isn’t as great and is a step below.

If, your reason is that you’re not going to be the top of the line like tailoring or engineering then I definitely recommend Jewelcrafting. At most because, until the epic gems are discovered it’s a step ahead of anything else. However, the rest of these careers like charming, leatherworking, Alchemy, and inscriptions are all exactly the same. If you want to go through the different things here, you can go check out my Discord.

It is possible to check out the pins in the Wrath Lich King chat and also take an look at the table. For leatherworking, you should take note that if they fail to fix the lesser drums of speed which currently gives a speed bump without the tinnitus issue, it’s likely to be a requirement for speed running. If you’re running speed, you’re going to need this since if members of your group, you can simply rotate the drums of speed, you’ll have constant movement speed, and you’ll still need a wrist brace or in champ. Therefore, it’s the best option for if you’re part of a speedrunning Guild buy WoTLK Classic Gold and they won’t alter that for whatever reason.