NewFeathers Custom Private RSPeer Scripting Service

Hey all, I am currently accepting script requests for RSPeer. I have been making private scripts for about a year and a half now. I have experience with many different money makers and quests and methods to bot and have my own extensive api I have accumulated to make the process easier. All scripts come are made quickly with care and the customer in mind so if you have an idea for a good script and would like it made quickly and to fit your needs exactly then hit me up and we can make something work.

Included in all my scripts is a system for adding unique randomness every time the script is run, this will soon be changed to unique randomness tied to the account.

Scripts can be made to work with Farmaton client manager on request. Farmaton can be found at

By purchasing a script from me you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. You will not claim script as your own in any way or resell it unless we agree on terms for resale.
2. You will provide an account with the necessary requirements for the script unless we have agreed otherwise.
3. Additional features or changes to the script after delivery will require additional payment.
4. Free bug fixes for 6 months. Any bugs which are reported to me will be worked on ASAP although I cannot guarantee a timeframe in which it will be pushed as this is a case by case kind of thing.
5. If provided with a jar file it is not to be decompiled.
6. I can turn down your request for any reason
7. I am not responsible for any blackmarks put on your accounts as a result of running the script.
8. No refunds will be given unless I cannot deliver the script.

Vouch thread on Sythe:
NotReallyHere443 vouch thread

Hit me up on Discord to reach me the quickest. Kittyrgnarok/Buy the Dip#0986
Unique ID:196744815528902656