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RS07 RSGP (middleman possible)

Cryptocurrency (middleman possible/market low exchange rate)

PayPal (20-100 vouches required, depending on order size)

Remember all prices are NEGOTIABLE, while I cannot guarantee that I will accept a lower price I am open minded to all REASONABLE offers


What do you need? : 
Payment method? :
Going first or middleman? :
What’s your Skype/Discord ID? : 
Do you agree to my TOS? :


Chinning -
8.5gp/xp - MM2 tunnels

Magic -
10.2gp/exp bursting/barraging (MM2 tunnels)
6gp/exp Pie make/string jewelery
12.75gp/xp Spin Flax/Superglass make
42.5gp/xp stunalching

Runecrafting -
1-23 127gp/exp
23-99 68gp/xp (lava runes/must have magic imbue unlocked)

Agility -
40-48 85gp/exp (only if you order at least 100k exp)
48-99 60gp/exp

Hunter -
1-47 60gp/exp (will only do below 29 if you order at least 50k exp)
47-73 34gp/exp
73-99 25.5gp/exp
You keep the chinchompas

Farming -
1-30 51gp/exp
30-99 30gp/exp
(30+ tree option, also able to do allotment+herbs in the process)

Woodcutting -
1-41 42.5gp/exp
41-99 25.5gp/exp (only if ape atoll is unlocked/partial completion of monkey madness I)

Cooking -
1-99 12.75gp/exp
20-99 42.5gp/xp

1-55 25.5gp/exp
55-99 17gp/exp
(darts/bows only)

Firemaking -
1-50 42.5gp/exp
50-99 17gp/exp (wintertodt/you keep the crates)

1-54 51gp/exp
54-99 17gp/exp
(battlestaves, although other methods can be discussed)

1-30 42.5gp/exp
30-99 25.5gp/exp
(bars on anvil, can also be done via blast furnace)

1-50 21.25gp/exp
50-99 12.75gp/exp
(will be more expensive if low potions)

1-52 55.25gp/exp
52-99 17gp/exp

1-99 12.75gp/exp (gilded altar)

1-55 170gp/exp
55-99 59.5gp/exp (dodgy necklaces required)


Minigame Prices -

Barbarian Assault
Torso = 17m
Level 5 Role = 13m
All Level 5 Roles = 64m
Queen Kill(Waves 1-10 inc) = 6m
Gambles = To Discuss

Temple Trekking
Lumber (W/ Only Aid in Myreque) = 17m
Lumber (W/ Aid + Darkness) = 13m

Mage Arena
Telekinetic = 25.5k Per Point
Alchemist = 40.8k Per Point
Enchantment = 21.25k Per Point
Graveyard = 23.8k Per Point

Pest Control
Low 41.65k Per Point 40+CMB LVL
Med 38.25k Per Point 70+ CMB LVL
High 35.7k Per Point 100+ CMB LVL

Fire Cape
75+ Range
60+ Def
43+ Prayer
To discuss, will require minimum stats above

Rogues Den
Rogue Outfit 10m
Rogue Outfit 80+ Thieving 7m
Price can increase if Ironman

Tithe Farm
Outfit (34+ Farm) = 42.5m
Outfit (54+ Farm) = 34m
Outfit (74+ Farm) = 25.5m

None > Rune - 8.5m (inc tokens80+ att/str/def)
None > Rune - 12m (inc tokens 65 att/str)
None > Dragon- 11m (inc tokens80+ att/str/def)
None > Dragon - 14.5m (inc tokens 65 att/str
Extra Defenders - 1.3m (1.7m without tokens)

Mage Arena 1
Cape unlock 43+Prayer - 2.5m
Cape unlock 1+ Prayer - 4m

Architectural Alliance - depending on favours
Kourend Favours
Arceuus = 8.5m
Hosidius = 10m
Lovakengj = 21m
Piscarilius = 13m
Shayzie = 13m* (21m w/o dwarven cannon)

You will provide everything needed for the service. (we can discuss how much gold and which items should be touched)
When ordering with my service, you agree that you will remove all unneeded wealth. (simply put it on an alt)
I will add your Skype and confirm via my thread, after this you can PM me if needing further confirmation of your order.

You will pay upfront for your work, or a middleman will be used at your expense. (there are free middleman services)
I can decline an order for whatever reason
If I am unable to complete a service, you will be refunded based on xp/points left to complete.
Any bans/mutes to the account(s) whilst doing services are not our responsibility. Everything will be handmade on a home IP, I can provide a discord video feed to prove it.
You will not log in whilst a service is being done, unless told you can. Doing so will not only disrupt the service but can also lock your account out and generally make Jagex suspicious
I will provide you with progress screenshots daily if possible

Please note, OSbots TOS also comes into affect

Special thanks to Dbuffed for help with the thread