Farmaton - Automate your farm today!

About Farmaton

Farmaton is a premium, flexible, all-in-one farm manager to make managing your farm easy by automating most things. There’s a 2 day trial to test all premium features for free. Join the discord to claim it:

Currently supported Clients

  • Tribot
  • RSpeer
  • Dreambot
  • Osbot

Current Features

  • Account Creation
  • Prime account Linker
  • Account Unlocking
  • Email Verification
  • Ban Checking
  • Account Logging and Replacement
  • Configurable Client Management
  • Proxy Management and Checking
  • Discord Notifications
  • Skill and Gold Tracking
  • Script Queuing
  • Webpanel to check on your farm
  • More features are being added regularly